Enjoy yourself in Yokohama at night.
Go out in your wheelchair.

Make Yokohama Nights Universal!
Are you enjoying your night?

From Noge / Kannai / Chinatown


This is an informative website to launch information on ‘fun at night in Yokohama’, targeting the disabled and the elderlies visiting the city from Japan and abroad. We will be putting up more and more universal maps and recommended routes specialized in the night life. Don’t miss it!

Suggested Courses

Noge Night

We have some suggested courses for your night in Yokohama. We have lots of courses in variety for individuals, couples, or groups of people.

The Guides

An Introduction to the Guides of the Barrier Free Night

Our guides, who are knowledgeable of Yokohama and have actually walked the streets at night with their own eyes, are ready to show you the courses and the spots with confidence. We start matching guides with you on May 30th. You’ll love it!!


This project is administered by a variety of organisations and companies.

株式会社ナイトタイムエコノミー一般社団法人 観光マーケティング協会横浜移動サービス協議会SAGOJOウィーログローカルグッド横浜まちぷら横浜ホイールマップJUICE INC.横浜コミュニティデザインラボDesign Base横浜ジェントルタウンクラブG Innovation Hub Yokohama横浜観光コンベンションビューローNPO 法人ANIMIGUEST HOUSE IOLY 庵 OsakaまちづくりエージェントSIDE BEACH CITY.

About this Website


By the opening of its port in 1859, Yokohama, previously a small village, started to get various technologies, cultures, and people, has always taken in something new, and has kept creating something new. Another innovation will now begin here in Yokohama. Please come and enjoy the Barrier Free Night.
The theme and purpose of the project
We conduct demonstrative experiments of the ‘Yokohama Night Time Contents’ exclisuvely in the Yokohama area by building up a web guide map system so anyone can enjoy themselves in Yokohama at night no matter what nationality, what age, or what disability.

​We aim to get tourists of various standpoints to stay in Yokohama city longer, and contribute to the improvement of the local economy.

By having the world recognize ‘Yokohama; the sanctuary of the Universal Tourism’, we aim to sow the seeds for innovation that begins at Yokohama as an advanced SDGs city, without separating the ‘disabled’ and ‘able-bodied people’.

Detailed Contents of the Project

​We create web guide map pages specialized in the nightlife, working together with Machizukuri Platform Ltd, by making web media to launch ‘fun in Yokohama at night’ targeting the disabled and the elderlies visiting the city from Japan and abroad.

This time our web guide map will collect some information on barrier-free places such as sightseeing courses, cultural facilities, toilets, accommodations, transportations, and restaurants, in multi-languages.

We collect information by associating with Yokohama Transport Service Committee, whose members actually go to three areas ‘Noge’, ‘Kannai’ and ‘Chinatown’ to look around in the areas and make up imaginary courses after doing some hearing at the three areas, and then we reflect the information on the map specialized in the ‘Barrier-Free Night’.

​We organize guide training seminars on a regular basis, we train the UT guides where ‘wheelchair users guide wheelchair users’ and ‘able-bodied people guide wheelchair users’, and we offer ‘paid guides’ to tourists from Japan and abroad through the matching guide system’. We create opportunities for disabled people to get employed.

Goods for U.T.

‘I want to see what’s beyond the barrier’ ‘ I want to travel more freely and comfortably.’
The Barrier-Free Night project, which is here to realize such desires, will open
a shop that sells items selected from all around the world for universal tourism, on the 1st of June!

The U.T. goods will be there to take you by surprise! Don’t miss it!

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