Bar Bar Bar

Basic Information

Address: 1F 2F 1-25 Aioi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 
・1F Bar Space 045-662-6868
・2F 045-662-0493

Opening Hours:
※when opens on holiday and Sunday; 17:00~
【2F】18:00~24:00(L.O. when the gig ends)

Closed:Sunday(the last day of consecutive holidays if Sunday is a holiday)

Introduction, Recommendations and Barrier Free Functions

‘Bar Bar Bar’ has two features: the restaurant where you can enjoy live jazz and the jazz bar where a classical vibe flows. Choose the floor depending what mood you’re in. Meet the wonderful jazz and have some French based food on the second floor. The menu is in variety, and they have many kinds of whisky and cocktails. The bands are hardcore, and you can enjoy the music casually.
 You can enjoy drinks such as cocktails the bartenders make on the first floor. You can eat there, too.
You may smoke on the first floor. It’s non-smoking on the second floor, with a separate smoking room.
Charge: ※service fee 10% ※table charge 500 yen w/o tax /per person
※Upstairs: Extra music charge 2,300 yen w/o tax ~/per person
Wheelchair users can go both downstairs and upstairs with the assistance from staff.
Their websites are available also in English, Chinese and Korean.


Barrier Free Information

Although there is a gap of 2 cm or higher at the entrance or exit, the staff will give assistance.

The entrance or exit is 80 cm or more in width.

Staff give assistance with going up and down the stairs.

Equipped with western style toilets.

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