Basic Information

Address:153 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City
Toll free call:0120-284-004
Opening Hours:11:00〜22:00(Open daily)

Introduction, Recommendations and Barrier Free Functions

It’s been some 120 years since it opened in Meiji 25. Manchinro is a well-established Cantonese restaurant. Any era from Meiji to Reiwa, they’ve been providing customers with the exquisite environment with new attempts here and there, while taking over the importance of history and tradition, bringing carefully chosen chefs from the home country and inventing original dessert menus with the cake chefs.
 Other than the extravagant grand menu, ‘seasonal recommended dishes’ with seasonal ingredients are also popular, and apparently, they have a lot of fans looking forward to it every time. In addition to the traditional food, you can also try new food such as ‘ Daisen chicken grilled in orange sauce’, which was awarded the second Bishokusetsu Grand-Prix, which is the reason why they’re loved by lots of different generations. You can also enjoy erhu, or, Chinese two-stringed fiddle, yangqin, or, Chinese hammered dulcimer, biwa and the piano played live there.
 There’s a writing board at the reception.
There’s an accessible toilet on the first floor. It comes with a baby seat and a baby chair. They rent wheelchairs.


萬珍楼 本店 外観

萬珍楼 本店 車いすトイレ(1)

萬珍楼 本店 車いすトイレ(2)

萬珍楼 本店 車いすトイレ(3)

Barrier Free Information

Although there is a gap of 2 cm or higher at the entrance or exit, the staff will give assistance.
・The gap is 6cm high
・An electric wheelchair can go over it by being pushed from behind, or by using force.
・There’s a moveable ramp.

The entrance easy to go in through.
Automatic door
Door opens wide

The entrance or exit is 80 cm or more in width.

Equipped with wheelchair oriented elevator. Comes with mirrors and buttons on the sides, spacious enough for wheelchair users: 140 cm in width, 135 cm in length or over, 80 cm or over of effective width at the entrance or exit.
Even better if it comes with braille or audio guide.
No audio guide

Equipped with western style toilets.

Equipped with wheelchair accessible toilets
Not fully accessible, but wheelchair accessible.
Meets conditions for wheelchair accessible toilets such as entering, moving from the wheelchair to the toilet, handrails, positions of switches, and certainly equipped with the means of emergency contact.
It’s on the first floor.

Equipped with regular car park.

Equipped with parking space that has sections for the disabled or has car park for adapted automobiles.
Accommodates two cars
next to each other

Accepts guide dogs.

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