Marine Wark

Basic Information

Address:1-3-1 Shinkou, Naka-ku , Yokohama City
Phone / Fax:045-680-6101
Opening Hours
・shops and services 11:00~20:00
・restaurants and bars 11:00~23:00
・Car park opening hours 6:00~24:00

Introduction, Recommendations and Barrier Free Functions

Designed as an open-air mall, recreating the ambiance of pedestrian-friendly streets through a waterfront warehouse district,
and seamlessly blending greenery with the seaside.
An enticing selection of unique shops line the main avenue, with cozy benches and tables in convenient spots,
all set against the panorama of Yokohama Bay and reflecting the distinctive splendor of the season. Welcoming and comfortable,
the entire place is infused with the refreshing sights, sounds, and scents of its oceanside location.
Here every moment is quality time, whether for shopping, eating out, or simply taking a pleasant stroll. Many of the restaurants are Italian, but their menus are written in Japanese and Italian.
 Assistance dogs, including guide dogs, hearings dogs, and mobility assistance dogs can be accompanied in the facility.
 There’s an accessible toilet in the underground car park. It has equipment compatible with ostomy, a baby seat, and a baby chair.


Marine Walk

store interior



Barrier Free Information

Easily accessible to the place, building, shop with wheelchairs because there is no gap, below 2 cm if any, or because there is a ramp.

The entrance easy to go in through.

The entrance or exit is 80 cm or more in width.

Equipped with wheelchair oriented elevator. Comes with mirrors and buttons on the sides, spacious enough for wheelchair users: 140 cm in width, 135 cm in length or over, 80 cm or over of effective width at the entrance or exit.
Even better if it comes with braille or audio guide.

There are regular escalators in the building or shop.

Has accessible toilets.
200 cm × 200 cm or over in size, equipped with facilities compatible with ostomy and infants-care such as changing of nappies and breastfeeding.

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