Basic Information

Address:5F-1 1-28-1 Hanasaki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City
Opening Hours:
・Monday:16:00~1:00 (Food L.O. 0:00 Drink L.O. 0:30)
・ Tuesday to Sunday, holidays, day before holidays:16:00~1:00 (Food L.O. 0:00)
・Accepts customers after 10pm, Open on Sundays

Closed:Closes irregularly

Introduction, Recommendations and Barrier Free Functions

Go down the elevator and the regular lavatory is an accessible toilet!!
We’re filled with happiness and comfort before we get in the café.
The entrance door is a sliding door and it’s flat, as well.
Their signature item is the grilled duck shabu; you can enjoy both grilled duck and shabushabu.


Barrier Free Information

The entrance easy to go in through.

The entrance or exit is 80 cm or more in width.

Equipped with wheelchair oriented elevator. Comes with mirrors and buttons on the sides, spacious enough for wheelchair users: 140 cm in width, 135 cm in length or over, 80 cm or over of effective width at the entrance or exit.
Even better if it comes with braille or audio guide.

Has accessible toilets.
200 cm × 200 cm or over in size, equipped with facilities compatible with ostomy and infants-care such as changing of nappies and breastfeeding.

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