Basic Information

Address:1-1-4 Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama City
Phone:045-211-2304 FAX:045-201-6388
Opening Hours
・Rooftop open 24 hours
・2F 9:00~21:30 (Hall : 9:00~22:00)
・1F Car park open 24 hours

Introduction, Recommendations and Barrier Free Functions

 In 1854, the history of Yokohama port began at the beach where the group of 500 people led by Perry, who landed in order to sign the Convention of Kanagawa. Two jetties were constructed on the beach when the port opened in 1859, and the prototypes still remain as the ‘Elephant’s Nose’ at the root of the Osanbashi Pier.
 It boasts to be one of the longest piers in the word and even luxury liners can moor on both sides of berths. The current Osanbashi International Terminal was rebuilt in 2002. It’s turned into a unique pier that has innovative concepts compatible with cruises of the 21st century, and the appearance like a natural island.
 It’s a considerate port to visitors, like a garden, with the second floor of the terminal building and the floor of the rooftop made of wood, and the rooftop having natural turf. There’s no staircase in the terminal, and you can go upstairs and downstairs with the ramps and elevators.
You can move around in your wheelchairs in the rooftop park ‘Kujira no Senaka’ or, ‘The Back of a Whale’ on the third floor. From the immigration lobby on the second floor, tactile paving will lead you to the entrance to the ferry.
There are separate accessible toilets for male and female in the lobby, equipped with a baby seat.










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Barrier Free Information

Easily accessible to the place, building, shop with wheelchairs because there is no gap, below 2 cm if any, or because there is a ramp.

The entrance easy to go in through.

The entrance or exit is 80 cm or more in width.

Equipped with wheelchair oriented elevator. Comes with mirrors and buttons on the sides, spacious enough for wheelchair users: 140 cm in width, 135 cm in length or over, 80 cm or over of effective width at the entrance or exit.
Even better if it comes with braille or audio guide.
3 accessible elevators.
In operation 9:00~21:30

Equipped with wheelchair accessible toilets
Not fully accessible, but wheelchair accessible.
Meets conditions for wheelchair accessible toilets such as entering, moving from the wheelchair to the toilet, handrails, positions of switches, and certainly equipped with the means of emergency contact.
Located : at the entrance, on the second floor, and on the rooftop
The accessible toilet in the lobby on the second floor
 separate for male and female but the contents are the same. 
Wide and spacious
 Door opens up to 88cm

Equipped with infants facility.

Equipped with regular car park.
Osanbashi Terminal Car Park
 accommodates 400 cars
 Discounts for elderlies 65 years and over and for the disables.

Equipped with parking space that has sections for the disabled or has car park for adapted automobiles.
Room for 5 cars for wheelchair users

Accepts guide dogs.

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