Basic Information

Address:2-2-1 Shinko-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City
Opening Hours(Closes irregularly)
・Shops 10:30~21:00 ※Depends on the shops
・Cinemas 9:00~until the late show ends ※Depends on the shows
・Restaurants 11:00~23:00
・Restaurants & Cafes 11:00~23:00 (LO 22:30)※Depends on the restaurants / cafes

Introduction, Recommendations and Barrier Free Functions

Yokohama World Porters, opened in September 1999, consists of two buildings: World Porters Building, whose core tennant is World Porters Vivre, together with Aeon Cinema, and the car parking complex. Now it has a variety of tennants like any other shopping centre, and it mainly has casual wear, furniture, and interior shops.
 It’s barieer free in the buildings so it’s easy to move about, and you can spend the whole day here.
 There’s also ‘New Light Mart’ that deals with nursing items.
 There are two lavatories and accessible toilets on each floor of World Porters from the first to the sixth floors, and there’s one on the rooftop. The one on the Ferris Wheel side on the second floor is for ladies only.

Barrier Free Functions

  • Other than the one on the Ferris Wheel side on the second floor, all the accessible toilets are unisex.
  • All of them have automatic doors with buttons.
  • The one on the west side of the first floor has ostomy compatible facilities.
  • All of them are equipped with the multi-purpose seat except for the one on the west side of the first floor.
  • All come with a baby seat.
  • There is a lavatory for infants on the west side of the first floor.
  • A breastfeeding room is on the east side of the second floor.
  • Nappy changing rooms are on the east side of the third and fourth floors.




1階西側多目的トイレ オストメイト対応設備

1階西側多目的トイレ 介護(多目的)シート


1階西側(ハワイアンタウンと駐車場出口との間)の多目的トイレ 入口

Barrier Free Information

Easily accessible to the place, building, shop with wheelchairs because there is no gap, below 2 cm if any, or because there is a ramp.

The entrance easy to go in through.
There’s also a sliding door on the side

The entrance or exit is 80 cm or more in width.

Equipped with wheelchair oriented elevator. Comes with mirrors and buttons on the sides, spacious enough for wheelchair users: 140 cm in width, 135 cm in length or over, 80 cm or over of effective width at the entrance or exit.
Even better if it comes with braille or audio guide.
Braille sings are on both sides.

There are regular escalators in the building or shop.

Staff give assistance with going up and down the stairs.
The guards will assist you when needed, according to the information desk clerk.

Equipped with western style toilets.

Equipped with wheelchair accessible toilets
Not fully accessible, but wheelchair accessible.
Meets conditions for wheelchair accessible toilets such as entering, moving from the wheelchair to the toilet, handrails, positions of switches, and certainly equipped with the means of emergency contact.
Meets all conditions except mirrors and audio guidance.

Has accessible toilets.
200 cm × 200 cm or over in size, equipped with facilities compatible with ostomy and infants-care such as changing of nappies and breastfeeding.
Some of the accessible toilets are fully equipped.

Equipped with the facilities compatible with ostomy.
One of the accessible toilets has them.

Equipped with infants facility.
・baby seat -All the accessible toilets have baby seats.
・baby chair -Some of them have baby chairs.

Equipped with regular car park.

Equipped with parking space that has sections for the disabled or has car park for adapted automobiles.
Parking sections for the disabled are fitted on each floor of the car park complex. Accommodates 32 cars.

Accepts guide dogs.

Some staff can use sign language.
Some staff can, according to the information desk clerk.

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